• What are the uses of steel coils

    Coated steel, the use of domestic and foreign leading particle anti-scratch coating coating skills for curing, than the general construction of the plate anti-scratch performance increased by more than 5 times, can resist the scraping of sharp objects. The main applications are garage doors, roll...
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  • Characteristics and application of cold rolled steel strip

    Steel strip, steel coils, hot rolled steel strip, cold rolled steel strip, hardened & tempered steel strip, 65Mn steel strip, CK50 steel strip, CK75 steel strip, rolling door springs, spring boxes Cold rolled steel strip is rolled under recrystallisation, but is generally understood to be ro...
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  • Hot rolled strip production process

    The production process of hot rolled strip steel mainly controls the process of billet preparation, heating, descaling, rough rolling, head cutting, finishing, cooling, coiling and finishing. Hot-rolled strip billets are generally continuous cast slabs or primary rolled slabs, chemical compositio...
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