What are the uses of steel coils

Coated steel, the use of domestic and foreign leading particle anti-scratch coating coating skills for curing, than the general construction of the plate anti-scratch performance increased by more than 5 times, can resist the scraping of sharp objects. The main applications are garage doors, rolling doors and windows, home appliances and other areas. The special colour coated panels, which can cooperate with the solar energy polycrystalline silicon heating principle, have excellent decoration effect and maintenance effect, and are widely recognized by the solar energy industry. The main colours are pearlescent white and silver, golden yellow and printed LOGO board.

Colourful coated colour steel coil is an extension of the hot-dip galvanised steel coil, is the galvanised steel coil ahead of the exterior treatment, and then coated with paint and produced a steel coil deep processing goods, suitable for cold-forming further deep processing. It is composed of cold rolled steel coil base material, galvanized, coating three parts. Because of its excellent weather resistance and formability and recyclability, it is increasingly becoming a substitute for wood. It is cured with the leading domestic and foreign particle anti-scratch coating technology, which enhances the anti-scratch performance by more than 5 times than the general construction board and can resist the scratching of sharp objects. It is mainly used in garage doors, rolling doors and windows, home appliances and other areas.

How to judge the material of steel rolls
Commonly, according to the carbon C content difference, divided into low carbon steel, high carbon steel, the most commonly used is 45 steel. All with the letter C, C45 is a medium carbon … other letters of the letter is based on the content of the elements of the distinction, the general letter represents the elements, the number represents the percentage content, low carbon boiling steel, generally can be replaced by 10 steel.
Characteristics and range of application of 08F.
Its strength is low, the steel is soft, plasticity and toughness is good. General use does not require heat treatment, but in order to eliminate internal forces due to cold working and improve the cutting properties of the steel, heat treatment can be carried out and cold working can increase the strength. Commonly used in the manufacture of stamping parts and carburizing parts, such as stamping products, sleeves, enamel products, car shells, etc.

Chemical composition.

Carbon C  0.05~0.11
Silicon Si  ≤0.03
Manganese Mn  0.250.50
Sulfur S  ≤ 0.035
Phosphorus P  ≤0.035
Chromium Cr≤0.10
Nickel Ni≤0.25
Copper Cu  ≤0.25

Mechanical properties.

Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥ 295 (30)
Yield strength σs (MPa): ≥ 175 (18)
Elongation δ5(%≥35

Section shrinkage ψ (%): ≥ 60 Easy-to-cut steel products are widely used in: mechanical equipment: woodworking machinery, ceramic machinery, paper-making machinery, glass machinery, food machinery, construction machinery, plastic machinery, textile machinery, jacks, hydraulic presses, etc.

Electrical product components: motor shafts, fan shafts, sewing machine shafts, etc..

According to the introduction of this article, mainly to tell you what the use of the steel coil, the article has been written out its use to everyone, although it has more types, but the characteristics of each type are different, we do not care what kind to choose to use, must be based on the use to choose.

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